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Suppliers credit insurance 

Are you an entrepreneur and do you supply goods on credit? Providing a suppliers credit to your customers is a nice way to expand your clientèle and to increase the turnover. However, it also goes hand in hand with several big risks.

What do you do when suddenly your debtors decide not to pay or are not able to pay due to insolvency? The healthy cashflow of your company is jeopardized and this could cause substantial financial consequences for your company. Do not wait until it is too late, but insure your suppliers credit with a credit insurance. The Credit Insurers are happy to help you.

Why insure suppliers credit?

Every company wants to grow. Providing a suppliers credit offers space to invest, to grow and achieve goals. A growth with help from a suppliers credit also brings along some risks. It could happen that your debtors are at some point not able to pay the outstanding invoices. Despite the fact that you have been able to trust your loyal customer for years, the payment behavior of debtors can change at any given time, even in good economic times. The consequences? You calculate your finances on the basis of deliveries. Even if one debtor does not meet the payment requirement, this could possibly have big consequences for the credit management of your company. 

Therefore, it is sensible not to wait until it is too late, but to cover your supplier credit by insuring your company. Taking out a credit insurance offer protection for your company and guarantees the payment of outstanding invoices.

Finding a fitting suppliers credit insurance

Do you want to take out a suppliers credit insurance, then it is important to choose an insurance that fits your company. How big is your company? To how many debtors do you supply on credit? What are your wishes for a credit insurance? On the basis of these characteristics, a suitable suppliers credit insurance should be sought. The Credit Insurers would love to help you out and provide free professional advice. As an independent intermediary, we are in contact with all credit insurers in the Netherlands and we are able to find the best fitting credit insurance for your situation. This way, we will take away all concerns and you can count on the best protection for your organization.

Personal advice?

Dynamic entrepreneurship, now and in the future. Insuring your suppliers credit prevents unexpected surprises and guarantees the growth of your company. The Credit Insurers would love to explain all possibilities and are there for personal help and advice. Request a consultation now.

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