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A credit insurance with Coface

On this page we will tell you everything you need to know about credit insurer Coface.

Coface credit insurance

Would you like to protect your company against defaults from debtors? You can do this with a Coface credit insurance. Coface is a fast-growing and international credit insurer that offers your company more security and supports you with the growth of your company. As an independent intermediary, the Credit Insurers are happy to help you take out the right Coface credit insurance.

Credit insurer Coface

As a company, customers are an important factor in helping your organization grow and achieve success. However, the prosperity of your company can be hindered if the same customers are late or even fail to pay installment delivery. Coface was founded especially for these companies. The credit insurer's mission is to insure companies against unpaid invoices and thus enable the smooth functioning of your company in the long term. This way, a Coface credit insurance ensures trust between entrepreneurs and customers and thus promotes good entrepreneurship. They do this successfully. With offices in 100 countries and 4,100 specialists, Coface is currently one of the world leaders in credit insurance.

A credit insurance from Coface

A credit insurance from Coface protects you as a company against invoices from customers who are late with payments, or who do not pay at all. Coface's credit insurance can be completely tailored to the needs of your company. Coface has credit insurance for SMEs, multinationals and a unique Tradeliner credit insurance, which is specifically adapted to your needs. In addition, Coface offers additional high-risk coverage.
Regardless of the size of your company, Coface guarantees the following protection when taking out credit insurance:

Collection of unpaid invoices

If there are outstanding invoices, Coface will collect the outstanding payments for you.


In case of customer bankruptcy, the damage is compensated.

Healthy debtor portfolio

As a credit insurer, Coface continuously monitors and analyzes the financial situation of your customers. You will be informed immediately in the event of a change.

With a credit insurance from Coface, you insure yourself in the long term for the continuation of business operations. Because Coface is affiliated with an international credit insurance network, they have a broad range of international expertise and experience. This allows them to assist any company against any commercial risk at home and abroad. Coface also offers credit insurance under the name Insured Revenue. The same packages and conditions apply.

Coface credit insurance at The Credit Insurers

Would you like to take out Coface credit insurance? You can do this directly with Coface or with the Credit Insurers. We will guide you in a transparent and clear way to find a Coface custom credit insurance with the highest protection and at the lowest price. How do we do this? As an independent intermediary, we have a large customer portfolio. Credit insurers see opportunities here to expand their customer base and therefore offer us competitive quotes. This way, the Credit Insurers and you can ensure the creditworthiness and growth of your company.

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