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The importance of Independent comparison

Comparing credit insurances

Are you looking for a credit insurance or an export credit insurance with the best terms and conditions and the lowest price? We are The CreditInsurers; as an independent party we focus on your wants and needs and we commit to you vigorously. With a clear grasp on the market and the knowledge and experience in diverse segments, we are able to provide transparent and clear advice for your business.

When taking out credit insurance, it is essential to find one that fits you and your business. Coverage and terms and conditions should fit your business operations completely. But do you know what to keep in mind when taking out credit insurance? Do you know how to recognize the best credit insurance? Taking out a credit insurance means you enter into a financial agreement. Therefore, it is beneficial to compare offers. This might help to make a well considered decision.

However, a sustainable and well considered decision can only be made when you obtain access to the selection of all credit insurers. Keep comparing the selection of the credit insurers might be time consuming. 

Why would you outsource the comparison?

To be able to guarantee the best credit insurance with the best terms and conditions, we cooperate with all credit insurers. Our preference does not go out to only one or two different parties, our independence is decisive in this. The goal and power of The Credit Insurers is that we are able to find a credit insurance with excellent coverage against the lowest price. Providers know that, when we compare credit insurers, we compare the selection of multiple providers at once; this provides more than enough reason for the providers to offer quotations against the best prices.

Do you already have a credit insurance?

Have you already taken out a credit insurance and do you want to know what else we can do for you? Requesting a second opinion without obligation can always be beneficial! A comparison provides the ability for us as well as for your current insurer to offer a better quotation. Fill out the application form and we will start immediately with finding a better offer for you. The application is without obligations and completely free of charge. If you would decide to stay with your current insurance, we can not do anything but be understanding. 

Competitive pricing & clear communication

With a clear grasp on the selection of the providers, we compare quotations and suggest the best option to you. As credit insurance broker we provide a clear and transparent comparison of the terms, conditions and prices. If desired, we will remain your contact point. Only when you decide to accept one of the offers of the providers, we will put you in contact with the provider. Moreover, we will guide you, free of charge, in the implementation as well as the completion of the credit insurance. We are your independent partner and we will not settle until you are completely satisfied. 

What are the costs?

  • Quotation request; free
  • Personal consultation without obligation; free
  • Customized quotations; free
  • Implementation and guidance for the credit insurance; for you; free
  • We receive a small commission from our partners for our services.

Fill out the application form & receive a quotation within 48 hours

After receiving your data, we will immediately get to work. The by you provided data will function as a base. Your data will exclusively be used by The Credit Insurers to request quotations. You can make the first step to financial security now by filling out the application form below.


Step 1; fill out the data we deem necessary
- we will take care of the rest- 
Step 2; we will submit your application with several renowned credit insurers
Step 3; within two working days, at the latest, you will receive a message from us in which we provide you with a clear overview of the terms, conditions and prices. If desired, we are willing to personally explain all provided information.
Step 4; you will inform us whether you agree with the content of the quotation.
Step 5; we make sure the quotation is prepared by the credit insurer of your choice. 
Step 6; We guide you in the implementation and follow-up care of the credit insurance.

Rather want some advice?

Would you rather receive advice? Do you want to know what a credit insurance and The Credit Insurers can do for you? Do not hesitate to contact us for a consultation without obligations. This consultation can take place on site as well as through a phone call.


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