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What distinguishes credit insurer Euler Hermes?

Euler Hermes

As an entrepreneur, do you want to create more certainty for the growth of your company? Then it is advisable to take out credit insurance. This is possible at Euler Hermes. This credit insurer offers company protection against defaults with credit insurance and compensates damage in the event of customer bankruptcy.

There are various credit insurance policies that you can take out with Euler Hermes. Which insurance is best for you depends on your company, your goals, and your wishes. The Credit Insurers are happy to advise you on a suitable credit insurance.

Since March 2022, Euler Hermes has been acquired by Allianz Trade.

Credit insurer Euler Hermes in the Netherlands

Euler Hermes is a French credit insurer and part of the renowned German financial services provider Allianz Group. With more than 100 years of services and branches in more than 50 countries, the oldest credit insurer in the world can be called a true global market leader among credit insurers. Euler Hermes' goal in providing their services is to enable companies to achieve high returns on cash, maximize capital utilization and reduce risk of damage from unpaid invoices. This is made possible by its team of experienced credit experts, economists and analysts using the most modern technology-enabled processes. Euler Hermes offers a wide range of different services, including credit insurance, guarantees and international debt collection.

Euler Hermes credit insurance

Every company is different and has different needs, which is why Euler Hermes has a wide range of different credit insurance policies that you can choose from. These policies are named below.


This is an online credit insurance where you can choose from various information, collection, and invoice insurances. This package is suitable for entrepreneurs who only want to insure themselves occasionally and who are looking for cover up to 250,000 euros per invoice.


With the credit insurance Simplicity from Euler Hemes, all your unpaid bills are insured for 60% of the invoice value. The coverage can easily be increased to 90% at a higher cost. This credit insurance is suitable for companies with a turnover of up to 5 million euros.

Revenue Guarantee

As an entrepreneur, do you have revenue of up to 2.5 million euros? Then you can opt for the Revenue Guarantee credit insurance. You will receive 70% of your outstanding invoice from a customer. Revenue Guarantee can also be concluded via Rabobank.

Business policy

The credit insurance business policy is for entrepreneurs who wish to be properly insured. This way, political and manufacturing risks can be insured, you receive international collection service, compensation for damage and you make use of flexible conditions via the tailor-made clause of Euler Hermes.

Cover One

Cover One guarantees you non-payment within one contract or project. In addition, you benefit from the non-cancellable cover for a maximum of three years. This credit insurance offers the possibility to easily insure contract, political or manufacturing risks.

Euler Hermes wishes to offer suitable protection for every company by means of these different packages. When taking out credit insurance from Euler Hermes, a better cash flow, competitive advantage, peace of mind and security are guaranteed.

What the Credit Insurers are able to help you with

You can take out Euler Hermes credit insurance directly with Euler Hermes in the Netherlands or with an intermediary, such as the Credit Insurers. As an intermediary, we are affiliated with all credit insurers in the Netherlands. As an independent party, we can advise you without obligation and help you in a transparent manner to find a suitable Euler Hermes credit insurance. This is how we request a quote for your insurance of choice. Because credit insurers know that an intermediary has several providers, the Credit Insurers always receive credit insurance at the best price. We will always help you find the right credit insurance with the highest coverage that really suits your company.

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Would you like personal advice or assistance in finding a Euler Hermes credit insurance? Our specialists are ready to help you without obligation and free of charge. Contact the Credit Insurers, the coffee is ready!

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