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You can easily achieve more financial security for your company by taking out credit insurance. This insurance can be taken out with various credit insurers, including Omzet Verzekerd (the translation of this being Insured Revenue). Credit insurer Omzet Verzekerd offers credit insurance for all types of companies; from SMEs to multinationals. This means that tailor-made credit insurance is possible for every company, including your company. Are you curious about the possibilities with Omzet Verzekerd? The Credit Insurers will explain more about it.

Omzet Verzekerd credit insurance

Omzet Verzekerd is part of credit insurer Coface. The cooperation wants to offer entrepreneurs protection and help them to make a credit decision that meets the needs of companies. The Omzet Verzekerd International does this by offering credit insurance in more than 100 countries. Coface, and thus Omzet Verzekerd, can therefore be regarded as one of the major players in the credit insurance market.

Types of credit insurance

When you look for suitable insurance for debtors at Omzet Verzekerd, you can choose a suitable insurance based on your company.


As an SME, Omzet Verzekerd offers credit insurance 'EasyLiner'. When taking out this credit insurance, you will receive protection through the following services:


In the event of default by debtors, the SME credit insurance makes it possible for all your outstanding invoices to be collected for you.


If it happens that defaulters do not pay outstanding bills, Omzet Verzekerd will insure 90% of your loss.

Big business

Do you operate as a company on a national and international level? Credit insurance Tradeliner offers your insight into the financial health of (future) buyers. This way you can obtain information in advance when choosing a collaboration. Does it unexpectedly go wrong, and do you have to deal with defaulters? Then Omzet Verzekerd will offer you protection and guarantees the financial allocation to which you are entitled. The advantages briefly:

Collection of unpaid invoices

Due to Coface's large international presence, the insurer can collect your outstanding invoice from 100 countries.

Damage payment

If the damage is not paid upon collection, the Insured Revenue Tradeliner insurance offers you the guarantee that the damage will be reimbursed.

Insight into debtor portfolio

By taking out this credit insurance, you gain financial insight into your current and new customers.

Omzet Verzekerd has developed a special credit insurance policy for internationally operating companies, called Global Solutions. This gives you the opportunity to improve the credit management of your company and subsidiaries. Within this credit insurance you take out your customized security, considering the wishes and needs of your company. You will benefit from the international knowledge and network of Omzet Verzekerd.

Take out credit insurance from Omzet Verzekerd?

Would you like more information about the possibilities of credit insurance with Omzet Verzekerd or do you need general advice when taking out an insurance policy? You can turn to the Credit Insurers for independent advice and assistance. We will help you find the right solution that suits your company. Contact us.

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