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Which advantages does a credit insurance company offer?

On this page we will tell you all about a credit insurer

Credit insurance company

Successful entrepreneurship can be achieved by hard work, making the right choices and the growth of an organization. The turnover growth usually causes debtor growth as well. A credit insurance aids in constructing the increase of the debtors in a responsible manner, and limiting risks.

A credit insurance offers full certainty that the realized turnover will indeed be achieved. The risk of default is taken away and the relationships with the debtors is improved due to the flexible delivering terms. A credit insurance is the indispensable factor within successful entrepreneurship. But how and where do you take out a credit insurance? Taking out a credit insurance through an intermediary is always a sensible choice. The credit insurers know that more credit insurers are offering when an intermediary requests a quotation. Taking out a credit insurance through an intermediary can save 10% tot 20% in premium costs. 

What is a credit insurance company?

A credit insurance company is an insurer who provides credit insurances. Another name for such a party is a credit insurer. This party is concerned with credit management, debtor management, debt collection, credit insurances and factoring. There are some big credit insurance companies who are active worldwide and exists for almost 100 years already. The insurers offer their clients certainty, expertise and knowledge. The credit insurers keep an eye on the debtor portfolio of their clients to limit risks as much as possible, but to recognize chances in an early stage as well.

What can a credit insurance company do for you?

A credit insurance makes sure outstanding invoices are paid, and usually in a faster rate. A credit insurance company offers next to these advantages many more functionalities. By taking out a credit insurance, you profit from the knowledge and expertise of the credit insurance company. They have tens of years of experience in the field of debtor management and can therefore offer advice in every situation. Moreover, the insurers dispose of an enormous database with information regarding industries, markets and debtors. When taking out a credit insurance, your organization will be able to utilize this information. With this database, your current as well as new debtors can be checked for their creditworthiness. Additionally, possible threats and opportunities can be recognized in an early stage. With this up-to-date information, your organization can anticipate early to achieve a competitive advantage.

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