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The range of credit insurers

With whom can you take out a credit insurance?

Credit insurers in the Netherlands

As an entrepreneur, you naturally want to grow and prevent financial risks as much as possible. To protect yourself from non-payment and bankruptcy of debtors, taking out a credit insurance is a sensible choice.

There is a diverse range of credit insurers with whom you can take out a credit insurance. We will display all providers to you, to make the choice for a fitting credit insurance as easy as possible. You can also choose to stop by at The Credit Insurers for a customized personal consultation.

What are credit insurers?

Credit insurers are providers of credit insurances who help clients to hedge the risk of default of their debtors. To create a proper overview of how big the financial danger is that you are in, credit insurers analyse the debtors and provide a rating per company, based on research. A proper assessment will first an foremost provide a higher limit on the organization, and make it possible to gain a supplier credit. However, a bad rating of the credit insurers in the Netherlands could lead to a lower the limit or even the supplier credit for debtors.

Range credit insurers in the Netherlands

The three biggest players on the market for the credit insurances in the Netherlands are Atradius, Euler Hermes and Coface. They are all three worldwide operating concerns with establishments and activities in the Netherlands as well.  Mercury and Crendendo are known credit insurers in the Netherlands as well. You can easily take out a credit insurance at one of these credit insurers with an intermediary, like The Credit Insurers. Herewith, you generally can profit of multiple advantages and personal advice.


Atradius is the biggest credit insurer of the Netherlands and offers multiple services in the field of debtor management, among which the extending of credit insurances. With over 160 million offices spread over 50 countries, this credit insurer in the Netherlands is part of a big worldwide enterprise. Atradius disposed in 2013 over a total income of 1.6 billion, which means it can be called one of the biggest credit insurers in the World. Because of the international focus, Artradius had access to credit information of over 200 million companies. This way, the credit insurer in the Netherlands is able to foster safe and international bonds with their insights, experience and expertise. Client profit from a multitude of advantages when taking out a credit insurance;

  • As an entrepreneur covered for default and bankruptcy
  • Next to credit insurances, Atradius also provides debt collection
  • Debtors are checked for their creditworthiness
  • Entrepreneurs get full access to information regarding debtors

Coface credit insurance

Credit insurer coface supports entrepreneurs in reliable business since their founding in 1946. As a credit insurer, Coface has the mission to insure companies against default, and to contribute to the sustainable worldwide welfare. They are present as a credit insurer in over 100 countries, have 4.400 employees and a circle of 35.000 customer. That is, Coface can be seen as a true world leader within the field of credit insurers. This wide international presence offer Coface the unique expertise and experience which enables them to excellently protect entrepreneurs against the different commercial risks. Coface guarantees the following protecting when taking out a credit insurance;

  • Debt collection of outstanding invoices
  • Protection and payment in case of bankruptcy
  • Financial analysis of debtors

Euler Hermes

Euler Hermes supports clients with their insights and aid with payment risks of debtors as a credit insurer in the Netherlands for over 25 years already. As a part of the big financial service provider Allianz, Euler Hermes has been active internationally for decades. With specialized credit experts and -analysist spread over 50 countries, Euler Hermes is a true market leader among the credit insurers as well. With its own economists, proper knowledge and experience, this credit insurer helps entrepreneurs to build a trustworthy collaboration, and it offers diverse solutions to protect them in case of default or bankruptcy;

  • Several credit insurances
  • International debt collection
  • Guarantees

By offering a wide package of help, Euler Hermes does not only want to support entrepreneurs in time of need, but wants to help them grow. By taking out a credit insurance from Euler Hermes, your are guaranteed with growth, trustworthiness and a better cashflow of your company.

Mercury credit insurer

Mercury Trade Credit is a young credit insurer that was founded in 2015, who wants to change the market of the credit insurers in the Netherland. During the financial crisis, entrepreneurs were confronted with adjustments in credit terms and limits. The founders of Mercury felt like something needed to change. Therefore, the credit insurer wants to support medium- and big corporations by combining classical core values from the insurance business with modern technology. Hereby, Mercury offers credit insurances with the best terms, maximum certainty and complete transparency.

Because Mercury operates as a coverholder, all credit insurances from Mercury are covered by Lloyd’s of London. Lloyd’s is the oldest and biggest insurance market in the world, to which renowned insurers belong and guarantee for the policies of Mercury as well. This enables Mercury to offer a non-cancellable policy, and to really be there for their clients by protecting them against financial risks.


Credit insurer Credendo is part of the European credit insurance group which supports entrepreneurs over all of Europe in all segments of credit risks and political risks. With a profit of 269.7 million euros in 2019, and an increasing growth of customers, Credendo is a contiously growing credit insurer who covers entrepreneurs in case of risk in investment and trade. The credit insurer offers client a multitude of solutions that should stimulate the growth of the company;

  • Credit insurances
  • Contract guarantees
  • Financial guarantees
  • Risk participation
  • Investments
  • Financing

Credit insurer Nexus Group

Credit insurer Nexus Group helps entrepreneurs with a sustainable growth of their organisation. Due to the international presence in nine countries, Nexis disposes the best expertise to support your organization in domestic as well as foreign trade. By offering a customized credit insurance, the credit insurer always offer protection that fits your company and your wishes. This way, you can take out a credit insurance at Nexus as a SME or as a multinational.

  • Customized credit insurance
  • Credit insurances for SME’s and multinationals
  • Increasing credit limit of a credit insurance already taken out by another credit insurer

Rabobank credit insurance

Next to taking out a credit insurance at one of the biggest credit insurers in the Netherlands, it is also possible to take out a credit insurance at Rabobank. Because of the new collaboration in 2019 with partner Euler Hermes, you can now take out your credit insurance Omzet Garant at Rabobank. This credit insurance has especially been designed for SME entrepreneurs with a turnover up to 2.5 million euros per year. Rabobank offers, as a intermediary, beneficial advantages when taking out a credit insurance.

  • Guaranteed payment of outstanding invoices
  • Debt collection is 100% co-insured
  • Profit from Rabobank Loyaal Korting up to 12%

Taking out a credit insurance at The Credit Insurers

You can take out a credit insurance directly at one of the credit insurers in the Netherlands, or with a intermediary, among which The Credit Insurers. As an independent party, we are associated with all credit insurers in the Netherlands and we can support you in finding a suitable credit insurance. The Credit Insurers guid you in a personal and transparent manner to finding a credit insurance against the lowest premium and with the highest coverage. We do this completely free of charge. Only when you have found accredit insurers that really fits, we receive a small commission of the credit insurer. With over 50 years of experience and expert knowledge, we know how to find the best quotations.

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