We are The Credit Insurers

We are an independent party with over 40 years of experience in the field of credit insurances and credit management.

We take care of the solvency and the financial continuity of your business. How we do this? By guiding you in a transparent and clear matter towards a customized credit insurance with the lowest price and highest coverage. Growing together with The CreditInsurers in a responsible, safe and certain matter, that is out goal – that is in what/in this we are clear and forceful.

Located in Breda; from our office in Breda, we help hundreds of organizations in the Netherlands and Belgium every year to a better fitting credit insurance, with better terms and, in most cases, at a more profitable pricing.

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We assure youOur core values


We point out the fine print and make sure at all times that you are assured of the best credit insurance.

One point of contact

One adviser who, from the moment of creation to the point of the payment, will guide you.

Clear and fast

As entrepreneur you don't always have the time, which we understand completely. We are entrepreneurs after all. Within 48 hours, you will receive a customized quotation from us.

Total package

We offer a total package of credit management tools, among which debtor management, credit information, credit insurances and debt collection.


We are associated with several partners. As an independent mediator, we compare providers so we can guarantee the quotation for you.

40+ years of experience

Our advisors have been active in the field of credit management for over 50 years. This translates into expertise on which your company can trust.

Low premium

Because we are associated with several partners, we are able to compare multiple credit insurances simultaneously. Because of this, you are assured of the best policy against the lowest premium and the highest coverage.


We will identify the most important providers for you, compare their offers and put the results in order in a clear overview.

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Call us: +31 85 301 2230
Email: info@thecreditinsurers.com

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