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Insuring advance payment

Do you, as an entrepreneur, make advance payments to your supplier for goos or services? With an advance payment you usually pay a substantial amount of money, which goes hand in hand with the risk to lose money due to bankruptcy or default of your supplier. This van have substantial financial consequences for your company.

To protect your company, it is sensible to insure your advance payments by taking out a credit insurance. The Credit Insurers would love to help you out. As an independent intermediary, we look for the best protection for your, fitting your wishes. Discover what we have to offer or directly make an appointment for a free consultation without obligation.

Why take out an insurance advance payment?

You have been making advance payment to regular suppliers for years. Up to this moment, you have not experienced any problems and your business is doing well. This could change at instant, when a supplier decides not to deliver your goods or can not honor agreements due to insolvency. The liquidity of your company becomes instable and your credit management is jeopardized.

Prevent these risks as an entrepreneur by insuring your advance payments. A credit insurance supports the financial health of your company and guarantees the refund of your advance payment when suppliers do not fulfill their obligations. With a credit insurance you know exactly what you are up against en the financial continuity of your company is protected.

How can the credit insurers help you?

A credit insurance should fit your company and offer the right protection against advance payments you provide for your suppliers. Taking out the right insurance for an advance payment therefore needs to be conducted diligently.  Therefore, The Credit Insurers provide you with free advice about insuring your advance payment. As an independent party, we look critically at all credit insurances at divers credit insurers in the Netherlands. We analyse the corporate characteristics, take your wishes into account, and find a credit insurance suitable for your company. This way you are certain that your advance payment is insured in a proper manner.

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Do not be at risk unnecessary, protect your advance payments by insuring with a credit insurance. The Credit Insurers guide you in a transparent and honest manner to a customized credit insurance. Visit us for a cup of coffee and a consultation without obligations. Make an appointment now. We would like to help you out.

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