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What does credit insurer Nexus Group have to offer?

Credit insurer Nexus Group

Do you provide credit to your suppliers domestically as well as abroad? Installment delivery can expand your customer network and grow your business. This comes with risks. What do you do when your products or services are not paid for by debtors?

You can easily protect your company against default and insolvency of debtors by taking out credit insurance. Credit insurer Nexus offers various credit insurance policies for domestic and foreign trade. The Credit Insurers are happy to explain more about it.

Nexus Trade Credit – Credit Insurance

The insurance company Nexus Group, founded in 2008, aims to assist entrepreneurs in sustainable growth independently and on an international scale. Operating in more than nine countries and employing more than 250 people, Nexus Group has the expertise and experience to properly assist entrepreneurs. Credit Insurers does this by offering credit insurance, the credit insurer Nexus Trade Credit. Within this branch of insurance at Nexus Group you can choose from three types of credit insurance:

Whole turnover credit insurance

Protection against non-payment of debtors at home and abroad due to insolvency and default. By offering customization by credit insurer Nexus Group, Whole Turnover credit insurance can be taken out by both SMEs and multinationals.

Key account 

With credit insurance Key account with Nexus Trade Credit, you can protect your company against part of your customers. These are often the largest buyers. whereby you receive up to 90% reimbursement for payment obligations.

Top up

Have you taken out credit insurance with another credit insurer, but your credit limit is too low? With the top up credit insurance, you can increase your credit limit with credit insurer Nexus Group. The policy conditions will be aligned with the primary credit insurance.

Take out Nexus Group credit insurance

Are you interested in Nexus Group credit insurance? The Credit Insurers will help you further. As an intermediary, we are happy to advise you on the most fitting insurance for your organization. Because we are also able to work with independent parties, we can present both credit insurers to you as well as other credit insurers in the Netherlands. This with a view to finding the best general insurance, at the best conditions and the best premium. As a specialist, we will help you further and together we will look for a credit insurance that fully meets your wishes.

The Credit Insurers will help you

Would you like free advice and help in finding and taking out a suitable Nexus Group credit insurance? The Credit Insurers will look for the best solution for you based on your company characteristics and wishes. We are happy to tell you more about all the possibilities. Make a free and non-binding appointment now, and we will help you quickly.

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