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Export Credit insurance

Taking out an export credit insurance is thé instrument to hedge trade risks. You want to limit trade risks, especially when you are going to export. Do you deliver or supply products or services abroad, and do you feel the payment risk is too high? Is your banking limiting your credit margin due to potential risks? Payment agreements are captured in contract, but who is lived up to the payment agreement? How well do you know the debtor abroad? De right credit insurance is thé solution and is therefore indispensable when it comes to export. It is not surprising that 45% of the Dutch exporters have chosen an export credit insurance.

A research from 2010 shows that every Euro that is generated from secured export, will produce 2.5 Euro's of total export. An organization can now make the step to start exporting, wile they would not have dared to without the export credit insurance. Moreover, the importer and exporter are able to prove themselves to be trustworthy suppliers and payers. The right export credit insurance is the first step within thorough export.

Hedging risk with an export credit insurance

A credit insurance can be taken out per customer, turnover of country. With an export credit insurance, the credit insurance will cover the export of your company. Risks are tied to supplying and delivering products and services at all times. Especially when a company or organization wants to offer their products or services abroad. It is quite plausible the foreign debtor, due to several reasons, is not able to pay outstanding invoices anymore. A company can hedge the risk for non-payment with an export credit insurance. If the foreign debtor is not able to pay the invoice, the financial damage is reimbursed by the credit insurer.

Better financial terms

An export credit insurance offers multiple benefits next to the coverage of the risk of non-payment. One of these benefits is that banks will extend credit faster when all risks are hedged. A credit insurance offers more certainty for you as well as your bank. This results in better credit options.
Moreover, a credit insurance offers knowledge and expertise. How certain are you about the creditworthiness of your debtor overseas? An export credit insurance offers the required knowledge, expertise and software. Therefore, a credit insurance offers the possibility to check the creditworthiness of your debtors.

Even with Letter or Credit recommended

It could still happen that an invoice remains outstanding. Think about the manufacturing risk. An export credit insurance is even with Letter or Credit recommended. The credit insurance can offer full security against this kind of non-payment. 

Trading risk too high?

Export is a good think for the Netherlands. The Dutch export makes up for 32% of the gross domestic product (GDP). Private credit insurers are not always abel to extend an export credit insurance. For example, think about a credit insurance of which the risk is too high or the period is too long. However, to offer the Dutch companies a helping hand, the Dutch government extends an export credit insurance in case you are not able to take out the insurance with a private insurer. The export credit insurance had been set up with the Dutch government and Atradius Dutch State Business. Contact The CreditInsurers in case the risk is too high for a private credit insurer. We would like to help you with your export credit insurance.

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