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The importance ofA good credit insurance

Do you want to know what a credit insurane could do for your organization?

Credit insurance 

Growth is an aspired and appreciated goal. A goal every entrepreneur would like to accomplish. However, the growth of an organization should be arranged well and responsibly. A revenue growth usually translates into an increase of debtors and, with that, an increase of risks and insecurities.
With a credit insurance and the right credit management, your company can, together with your debtor network, grow in a responsible manner. With more flexible terms of delivery, the relationships with your debtors will improve as well. A credit insurance is a professional insurance against non-payment, force majeur and bankruptcy.

What is a credit insurance?

A credit insurance is a supporting part within the debtor management. A credit insurance offers the certainty that outstanding invoices will be paid faster, and offers protection against non-payment due to insolvency or probable insolvency of debtors.
A credit insurance offers complete certainty that your generated turnover will actually be met. A credit insurance can be divided into 3 important parts;

Creditworthiness check; firstly, the creditworthiness of all current and new debtors will be checked within the debtor insurance. This way, your organization is able to either make the payment terms more flexible or more limited. Morever, because of the creditworthiness check, you can focus on the companies with high creditworthiness.
However, it could happen that a debtor will perish due to competition and is not be able to pay the outstanding invoices anymore. Next to this being very unfortunate for this party, it will also raise some uncertainty in your regard. When can you expect to receive the payment that was agreed on?

Collection; a credit insurance will ensure a faster payment of outstanding invoices and, therewith an optimal cashflow. In case of non-payment, a professional collection agency will attempt to claim the payment, keeping the customer relationship in mind.

Payment in case of non-payment; in case the claim can not be collected, the credit insurer will pay for the damage done to your organization, conform the policy terms. Usually, with a credit insurance, this amount will be about 90% of the claim. Because of this, you are insured against the financial risk that arises when one of your debtors is not able to pay the outstanding invoices due to insolvency. Revenue loss is prevented, the cashflow is being secures and the financial continuity of your organization will not be at risk.

Why a credit insurance?

Although the reasons for taking out a debit insurance could differ, underlying reasons are usually the same. A debtor insurance offers decisive benefits for every organization. Below, we will discuss several reasons why our clients have chosen to take out a credit insurance.

  • financial security for 1 debtor, transaction of entire revenue
  • continuity of your organization
  • safe growth of your revenue
  • better financial options; risks are limited inducing easier credit extension by lenders
  • certainty for today as well as for the future
  • indispensable for export

These are the reasons why our clients have chosen to take out a credit insurance. During the implementation and through the process, we have supported our clients. Our specialty, combined with our transparent and clear method has been the reason to take out a credit insurance through us. Do you want to know what we could do for you? Press the button below and ask for a free personal consultation. Do you want to know why taking out a credit insurance is recommendable?

Kinds of credit insurances

There are different kinds of credit insurances. Dependent on the situation, a credit insurance can be chosen. In general, these are the most common types of a credit insurance;

  • turnover policy; you have to pay the premium on the generated turnoversaldo
  • balance policy; you have to pay the premium on the insured outstanding balance at the end of the month
  • transaction policy; credit insurance per transaction
  • debtor policy; you are insured for one specific debtor
  • export policy; you are insured for one specific country, or countries

Together with you, The Credit Insurers will explore which policy is the best fit for your organization. Your business operations, industry and client base are determinative in this. A credit insurance could, just like any other normal insurance, be customized.

The experts from The CreditI nsurers will try their best for you and your business. We will not settle until you can take out a credit insurance that fits your company and actually is an addition for your organization. 

The costs of a credit insurance

You might wonder what a credit insurance will actually cost. How high the premium will be is dependent on the company and several other factors, like turnover and risk. Do you want a quick indication of the costs of a credit insurance for your specific wants and needs? Fill in the contact form and you will receive a realistic indication of the costs within 48 hours. 

What we can tell you beforehand, is that the prices for credit insurances have decreased significantly over the past few years. Moreover, companies who involve The Credit Insurers in their choice, save on average 25% on their premium and combine this with better terms and more flexible credit limits. Dare us to find a credit insurance with better policy terms than your current policy.

Because we are associated with several partners, have over 50 years of experience and give everything to help our clients, we are able to find the lowest premium with the best terms. We compare the offers of our partners, put together a customized quotation and help you get through the quotation in a transparent and clear manner. 
A credit insurance requires a continuous process. Therefore, we ensure the best after care. We are there for you and your organization. The Credit Insurer is your partner in the world of credit insurances, after you have taken out your insurance as well!

What does it cost to take out a credit insurance through us?

  • Request quotation; free
  • personal consultation, free of obligations; free
  • quotations comparison; free
  • implementation and support for the credit insurance; for you; free

For our services, we ask a small commission from our partners.

When is a credit insurance needed?

Below, a real-life example of a company that did not take out a credit insurance is displayed. Meanwhile, the company is a client at The Credit Insurers to avoid similar situations.
The company had build a fruitful relationship with a big debtor. This debtor had always paid invoices on time; no signs of financial problem occurred. 
The debtor was declared bankrupt at instant. The company did not see this loss coming. Not even the credit insurers saw this bankruptcy coming. The outstanding invoices, with a total of €35.631,- , remained unpaid due to the bankruptcy. 
With a profit margin of 20%, the company had to achieve extra revenue to make up for the losses. The costs for the current credit insurance per year are significantly lower. A credit insurance for a company like this could cost only €5.000,-.

What could The Credit Insurers do for you?

In an industry in which communication and clarity are this important, we would love to elaborate what we and a credit insurance could do for you and your company. The consultation is completely free of charge and obligation. Do you want to take out a credit insurance or do you want to know what a credit insurance could do for your company? Contact us here to make an appointment. We guarantee a credit insurance with the best terms and the lowest premium, that is one thing you can be sure of!

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