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Healthy growing with a default risk insurance

Hedge your default risk? We will explain more about taking out a suitable credit insurance

Limit default risk, insurance & coverage

As an entrepreneur, you will do anything to prevent your company from going bankrupt. You limit your risks as much as possible by taking out the right insurance and making the right decision. But what is one of your customers goes bankrupt?

A non-payment by debtors can have significant consequences for the existence of your company. Protect your company well with a default risk insurance. The CreditInsurers will tell you more about this insurance form.

When is a default risk insurance important?

Entrepreneurship is going well for you. You are busy with trade and you sell products and services on credit. You have never had any problems. Until the moment comes that one debtor is not able to pay its invoices due to bankruptcy for example. One non-paying customers could jeopardize the existence of your company, especially when you, as an SME'er have only a few debtors. Do you want to prevent this and guarantee the continuity of your company? In that case, hedging your default risk by taking out a suitable bankruptcy insurance is the right choice to make.

Limit default risk; bankruptcy insurance advantages

A bankruptcy insurance, better know as a credit insurance, protects entrepreneurs against the debtor risks they are at due to supplying on credit. Limiting the default risk will proved several advantages for you as an entrepreneur. A default risk insurance guarantees you will receive your money despite default due to bankruptcy. Moreover, with a bankruptcy insurance, you can collect information regarding the creditworthiness of your (potential) clients at your credit insurer. This way, you are informed about the financial health of your future debtors and can you decrease the risk for default. By insuring your default risk, concern will be taken off your hands and you will be guaranteed your company can grow in a healthy manner.

The role of The Credit Insurers

A default risk insurance can be taken out in several ways. You can insure yourself against default risks per transaction, debtor, country or your entire turnover. Dependent on your wishes and company profile, it should be considered which bankruptcy insurance is suitable for you. The Credit Insurers are happy to help you. We are an independent intermediary that offers professional advice based on your characteristics, and will look for the fitting credit insurance between all credit insurers in the Netherlands. 

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Are you looking for personal advice regarding a suitable default risk insurance? Or do you want to know whether an insurance against bankruptcy is right for you? Contact The Credit Insurers! In a free consultation without obligation, we would like to hear more about your company and will we discuss all possibilities to limit and hedge your default risk. The coffee is ready, we hope to see you soon!

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