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The importance of Independent advice

Did you take out your current insurance directly at an insurance company? Dare us to find a better offer for you!


For years we have been helping our clients with optimizing and protecting their liquidity. This is what we are forceful at. To our clients, we have created a unique concept that offers traditional services and security. Our security check proofs our years of experience, our independence and, that what we have to offer, is the solution for your business as well.
The security check analyses possible risks, monitors current conditions and offers a thorough action plan with financial threats and opportunities. 

What does the security check mean?

Our experts analyze, without obligation and completely free, the debtor management of your business. We discuss your wishes and needs so we can provide thorough advice. Based on these factors, you will receive an action plan. After the consultation, you will receive the best solution for your business processed into a customized quotation. This way, you will be assured of the best credit insurance for your business.

With the advice of The Credit Insurers, you are assured of traditional service and certainty of our years of experience and expertise.

My organization already has a credit insurance;

Requesting a second opinion without obligation can always be beneficial. The market is dynamic and, because of the increasing competition, The CreditInsurers are always able to obtain a better quotation.

Just like with every other non-life insurances, a credit insurance has some policy terms and conditions. It is possible you find that these terms and conditions are not completely clear for a credit insurance. A possible consequence of this is that the credit insurance does not offer the complete coverage that an insurance should offer. The CreditInsurers differentiate themselves by offering a clear overview of the terms and conditions, the coverage, and the policy. Moreover, we guide you for free, with the implementation and follow-up care of the credit insurance. Dare us to find you a better offer!

What are the costs?

  • Quotation request; free
  • Personal consultation without obligation; free
  • Customized quotations; free
  • Implementation and guidance for the credit insurance; for you; free
  • We receive a small commission from our partners for our services.

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Do you want to know more about what The Credit Insurers can do for you? In a sector in which transparency and communication are this important, we would love to discuss in a personal consultation what we could do for your business. We will be there to help you find, take out and implement the right credit insurance every step of the way; this is something you can count on. Contact us.

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