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Credit insurance floriculture

The dutch floriculture is indispensable to many countries in the world. Our country is famous for its cheese, clogs, and tulips among other things. The latter one in this series forms an enormous export market for the Netherlands. The Netherlands is an essential player in the worldwide flower trade. Our tulips can be found all around the world. In 2016, it turned out that the Netherlands was exporting for 85 billion euros worth of agricultural goods. The floriculture is a big part of this. With an export market as big as this, it is crucial to take out a proper export credit insurance. This way, the risk of non-payment is hedged. On this page, we would like to tell you more about the right credit insurance for the floriculture.

What is a credit insurance?

A credit insurance offers complete certainty that your generated turn-over will be achieve, for only a fraction of the turn-over. This risk of default is hedged which optimizes your cashflow.
Moreover, a credit insurance floriculture offers multiple advantages. A credit insurance offers, among other things, a creditworthiness check and a professional debt collection system (if this is included in your policy). You are able to utilize the expertise, knowledge and software of the credit insurer. Because of the creditworthiness check, debtor overseas can be checked for their creditworthiness. Your organization can respond to this. You can choose to make the payment terms more flexible to achieve a competitive advantage. However, you can choose to make the terms more strict as well. Moreover, invoices are payed faster due to the collection system. By taking out a credit insurance, your ambition to grow can be sustained in a responsible manner and your cashflows remains optimized. Do you want to know more about the advantages of a credit insurance?

When is a credit insurance necessary? 

Are you active in the flower trade or floriculture industry, and do you export? How well do you know your debtors overseas? By taking out a credit insurance, your current debtors as well as your new debtors overseas are checked for their creditworthiness. But what happens when one of your debtors is not able to pay the outstanding invoices anymore due to insolvency? A credit insurance can be taken out as a transaction policy, turnover policy, debtor policy or export policy. This means that you can take out a credit insurance for your complete turnover, some or even only one debtor, some or only one transaction, or even for an export country. Since by far most of the floriculture is being exported, an export credit insurance is exceptionally well suited for the floriculture. 

Do you want to know more?

A proper credit insurance offering coverage against default is indispensable within the flower trade and floriculture. Are you active within the floriculture and are you looking for the right tulip mediation credit insurance? Contact us; we offer a free personal consultation on taking out the best credit insurance, without obligations. Did you already take out a credit insurance directly at a credit insurer? Dare us; The Credit Insurers always manage to find a better quotation. 

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